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ZRT Wealth Gives Lecture on Real Estate Investment and Risk Control Analysis (April 22)

  On April 22, 2014, ZRT Wealth Center offered clients a lecture session at Jinjiang Hotel in Chengdu concerning real estate investment and risk control analysis, an event that attracted great attention and brought in more than 400 individual investors and representatives from 25 financial institutions. 

  The Wealth Center invited Ms. Huang Wei, ZRT’s compliance supervisor, and Mr. Wang Yutao, an independent reviewer, to lecture on popular topics among investors. Lasting three hours and ending around five in the late afternoon, the lecturers explained ZRT’s risk management system and ability to perform; trends in trust regulatory policies; and the status quo, future and risk management of the real estate market. During Q&A, investors were eager to raise their questions and exchange ideas with Ms. Huang and Mr. Wang concerning the current state of affairs, ZRT risk management and resolution and future development of the industry.

  By attending this lecture, investors gained a better knowledge and understanding of the current trends within the real estate industry. In the long run, the real estate market and related investments now seem to have larger space for development, and at the same time, clients are now able to feel more confident in ZRT’s rick management system. 

  ZRT Wealth Center thanks investors for their long-term trust and support, and we will sincerely do our best to provide even better services in the future. 





  ZRT Compliance Supervisor Ms. Huang Wei giving a lecture. Ms. Huang previously worked in PBOC, CBRC Heilongjiang and CBRC and has rich experience in policy supervision, compliance management  and risk control. 





  Independent Reviewer Mr. Wang Yutao giving a lecture. Mr. Wang has 14 years of work experience in the real estate industry, having previously worked as the senior manager within a real estate company, managing top-rate office buildings, shopping malls, hotel apartment buildings and five-star hotel projects totaling one million square meters in area. He used to work as executive director of DTZ (one of the top five property consultants in the world) and director of DTZ North China’s Investment Department and is a current member and evaluator for RICS. 




  Attentive investors




  Lecturers talking with clients.

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  Beijing Zhongrong Dingxin Investment Management Co. Ltd. (ZRTDX) is an investment subsidiary wholly owned by ZRT and approved by CBRC with a paid-in capital of 1.5 billion yuan. Filed with the Asset Management Association of China, ZRTDX is a qualified manager of private security funds that provides professional asset management services through the issuance of private funds, being specifically specialized in private equity investments, comprehensive services for public companies, security investments and cash management. ZRTDX has a competent professional team with rich experience in operations, project development and risk management and also has a long-standing record of excellent performance. 







  Zhongrong Fund, formerly known as SSGA Fund, was established after being approved by CSRC on May 16, 2013, finalizing registration in SAIC and obtaining a business license on May 31, 2013. Today, as permitted by CSRC, it is qualified to engage in fund collection and sales, general asset management, asset management for special clients and other related business with a current paid-in capital totaling 1.15 billion yuan.

  The ownership structure of the company sees ZRT contributing 51% of shares and Shanghai Rongcheng Investment Co. Ltd. contributing 49%. ZRF adopts an improved risk-control system, which targets client demands and follows laws pertaining to fund development, while relying on the powerful strengths of shareholders and utilizing a steady operating style. As it makes its presence known in various aspects and directions, the company strives to create compelling values for its investors and is devoted to providing them with long-term and stable returns. 


Zhongrong International Capital Management Limited (HongKong)


  Carrying the No.4 and No.9 licenses issued by SFC, ZRICM is engaged in direct investment and asset management business to provide ?nancing and investment support to both sides of cross-border transactions. Leveraging upon the unique advantages of extensive clients network in China and direct access to international capital market in Hong Kong, ZRICM is specialized in providing integrated ?nancial solutions including direct investment and asset management. 


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